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NFTS Popcorn Award

Following on from the success of the Popcorn Writing Award in conjunction with the Edinburgh Fringe, the NFTS Popcorn Award has been set up dedicated to film and television, to champion stories with strong identities which look to shape the conversation around social and political issues in a thought-provoking way.


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Lily Seriki

SILLY GIRL set in Regency era England, follows two teenaged girls meant to be mastering the performance of simpering femininity. But Cecily is an autistic gynaecologist with no tolerance for pretence. And Olive is a mixed-race ‘mulatta’ with explosive ADHD.

Up against a world that seeks to ‘cure’ their minds by controlling their bodies, the best friends learn to love their pathologised identities and fight for a life that’s free, independent, and defiantly insane.